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an ornate building with balconies and windows on the top floor is seen from below
Barcelona - Passeig Sant Joan 051 c
an ornate wooden balcony on the side of a building
Mashrabiya, Cairo, Egypt
an ornate balcony and balconies on the side of a white building with blue shutters
Mashrabiya - Wikipedia
Mashrabiya - Wikipedia
blue windows on the side of a white building
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arabia, architecture, and art image
a brick building with many windows and plants on the outside, as well as an open walkway
Interior design and architecture magazine exploring what’s next in spatial design.
FRAME | Joshua Zukas asks if mashrabiya façades will make a comeback in Hanoi
a tall white vase with flowers on it's sides and vines hanging from the top
little haven on Twitter
an outdoor area with plants and stepping stones in the water, surrounded by greenery
Path to the shrine, Bali / Indonesia (by Ahmad...
an ornate stained glass window in the corner of a room with stairs leading up to it
an ornately decorated room with blue and gold paint on the ceiling, along with bookshelves
an ornately designed light fixture in the corner of a room with a large mirror above it
Check Out This Beautiful Staircase That Looks Like Liquid Marble
an ornate iron door with two lamps on either side and steps leading up to it
Royal door by calger459 on DeviantArt
Royal door by calger459 on DeviantArt
an old building with lots of windows and balconies
Art and Architecture Architecturia
a drawing of a tree house in the middle of a forest
Daniel Merriam – The Golden Ticket
Daniel Merriam - The Golden Ticket
the ceiling is painted with blue and gold paint, which gives it an artistic feel
an old building with many windows and plants growing out of the top part of it
Dishonored : Death of the Outsider // Museum of Natural History, Geoffrey Rosin Piperaud
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a wall and floor
Tiffany lamp
a hand holding a gold brooch with a butterfly on it's back and a bee on its side
an ornate green cabinet with black accents on the top and bottom, against a white background
From Art Nouveau to Art Deco - A Brief Look Back
two cartoon pictures with the same caption in different languages, one saying'the beatles and i love her '
Memes sabor eo e - I want to break free
an old building with lots of windows on the top floor and many trees in front of it
Lancaster, pa.
a white car driving down a street next to tall brick buildings on either side of the road
Victorian Homes - Schaeferstown, PA Victorian
an image of the back end of a camel that has been carved into it's head
Looks like some badass camel tats
two mugs with game over written on them and video game controllers in front of them
Best mug ever? I think so - Gaming
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an orange bowl filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows next to a basketball
Max’s Mug: Nothing But Net – The Goods
This super fun Mug with a Hoop was designed by an 8-year-old entrepreneur. (And it makes a great gift!) | UncommonGoods
a small hedge wearing a red hat on top of a bed
This Dracula hedgehog.
This Dracula hedgehog. | 42 Pictures That Will Make You Almost Too Happy
a small hedge sitting on top of a person's arm wearing a flower crown
hedgehog | Tumblr
hedgehog | Tumblr