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New Russian/Eastern European dvd releases 2013-16

New releases of Russian/Eastern European dvds 2013. All titles are in the original languages with English subtitles
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Vera Chytilová film – FRUIT OF PARADISE TRAPS – released on dvd

Fruit of Paradise

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Dziga Vertov’s – MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA AND OTHER WORKS – out on Dual Format Blu-ray/dvd

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA AND OTHER WORKS (E) RUSSIA 1929 B/W DZIGA VERTOV DUAL FORMAT BLU-RAY/DVD £29.99 Collection of films by Dziga Vertov.Features – Man With a Movie Camera (1929) catalogue…

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Romanian western – AFERIM! – out on dvd


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Serbian film – TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I – available on dvd

TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I (15) 2009 SERBIA ANDRIC,N./GAJIC, A./DJORDJEVIC, Z £12.99 Cyberpunk anime set in 2074 in which a female psychology student has a memory chip implanting in her body to help ...

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Polish drama – THE BORDER – available on dvd

THE BORDER (18) 2014 POLAND £17.99 A Polish squads job is to control human trafficking on the countries border with the Ukraine. When all the squad, but one, are killed and the innocent surviving s…

Forgotten Hungarian masterpiece – PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS – out on dvd

PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS (15) 1942 HUNGARY SZÖTS, ISTVÁN £12.99 Forgotten masterpiece, filmed entirely on location in harsh conditions, tells the story of a woodcutter and his family who live high i…

Miklós Jancsó’s -ELECTRA, MY LOVE – issued on dvd

ELECTRA, MY LOVE (15) 1974 HUNGRARY JANCSÓ, MIKLÓS £12.99 Many years after the death of her father Agamemnon, at the hands of the tyrant Aegisthus , oppressed Electra seeks revenge by inspiring the…

Andrei Tarkovsky – THE SACRIFICE – issued on dvd and Blu Ray

THE SACRIFICE (PG) 1986 SWEDEN TARKOVSKY, ANDREI DVD – £15.99 BLU RAY £19.99 Visionary film unfolds in the hour before a nuclear war. Alexander, his wife Adelaide (, their two children, and v…

Serbian movie – PANAMA- released on dvd

PANAMA (15) 2015 SERBIA VUCKOVIC, PAVLE £15.99 After a love affair ends with Maja, architecture student Jovan continues to stalk her every move online. Belgrade architecture student Jovan begins a …

Wojciech Marczewski – ESCAPE FROM THE LIBERTY CINEMA – out on dvd

Escape from the Liberty Cinema