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White leather and deer tanned suede giraffe 1 pillow

18" appliqued leather giraffe pillow $90

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Gray starburst

WOW! this goes with gray starburst 1 *western or mariner decor *Black micro suede back with zipper closure. $85

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Small black tiger

* 16" mate to small golden tiger-colors are opposite * predominantly black leather stripes with gold leather * black leather welt * black faux fur back with zipper close. $90

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Both of these pillows have been sold. However, I can create you another pair using this design. Each pair will be made custom. Price is for one pillow * This was my very first pillow design and still one of my favorites. * The front is all made of various pieces of leather sewn to a fabric backing. The back of the pillow and the welt are made of an upholstery grade imitation soft leather or microsuede, so the pillow will "breathe". $90

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It is 18" compliments the black wave * burgundy leather with black leather wave * burgundy micro suede back with zipper closing. $60

*Yes! this is the brand that was on the original hide! *surrounded by other different shades from the same hide and stitched in the western star design. *fringe is cut from the same leather. $80

Brown starburst

*One of my most popular designs, * will fit in western decor or ever mariner decor , depending what it looks like to you *18" and has a mate with opposite colors (see gray starburst 2) * has black microsuede back with zipper closing. $85

Manly viking helmet

t is not known if vikings really wore horned helmets,but i love the idea. *I made several of these mythical helmets for the Scandinavian Festival in my home town of Junction City, Or. *Most of them were sold at that event. $150 *The helmet is made of hair on cowhide and a softer leather band and shock of fringe in the back.

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Warped diamonds

same design as warped diamonds 1 with colors in differenmt places * 16" made to pair with warped diamonds 1. $65

* 18"just a simple design inspired by the ocean * black leather with a burgundy wave and welt * compliments the burgundy wave * black micro suede back with zipper closing. $60