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Yeah, you can't deny it. But what I wondering is: Are you seriously telling me the Sherlock customer design / wardrobe team can't find a pair of jeans that would fit Martin Freeman without him having to roll them up?

"IT'S MYCROFT!" They're both still afraid of Mummy Holmes - I love how Mycroft says "No" and Sherlock says "Mycroft" just totally throwing him under the bus. Mycroft doesn't even bat an eyelash as if this happens all the time and he is used to it.

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sherlock the final problem

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Love your fic rec lists! Just wondering but do you have any insecure sherlock fic recs?

duskybatfishgirl: “ wurwurz: “ Benedict, we also love you for that.

Benedict Cumberbatch is concerned that the world might be growing tired of him. Though the actor, who shot to fame as the titular character on the BBC series “Sherlock,” has long had a rabid and vocal fanbase, he is rapidly emerging as a leading man.

Can you imagine how weird it must’ve been for the people there to see a man in full out, Hollywood quality superhero costume, blood on his face whilst people come up and talk to him?