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Jana Szkanderová
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MBTI. INFJ Personality- a stressful environment or people can literally make you  become sick, make conscious decisions to NOT let EVERYTHING get to u!!

Dear Heart, It is my duty to inform you that our nervous system becomes overwrought when you allow yourself to feel hurt by every small thing that happens. Stop it. Your Brain.

This is so accurate. Whoops that offended someone what do I do.

Dominate Fe: Kwinton & Tasha, Auxiliary Fe: Shirlei, Anna, and Mom Tertiary Fe: Sam Inferior Fe: Me and Seth

If you’re an INTP…… You are more likely to be a die-hard romantic. Unfortunately, you’re the only one that knows about it.

If you’re an INTP. You will have people gravitating to you for ideas and leadership, but you really hate telling people what to do

I am also a little concerned about myself...

Well my favorite character is dean. Well that's seems about accurate←mine is Loki and Sherlock. Obviously mortals.----I'm a little nervous John Watson, Sherlock and the Doctor <----- mine is Sam Winchester

INFP Problems.  it is so relieving to read these.  I am not a freak of nature!  LOL

INFP Problems- Always forgetting to feed the fish, or lock the house, or put the gas cap back on before driving away, but somehow vividly recalling every mortifying conversation that you've ever had.

ISFP's particularly have a hard time with this. : /

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