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Same yarn different stich patterns.  I need to start swatching more.

Same yarn, same number of stitches, different stitch patterns. Why aren't you swatching more? Here, indie designer Laura Aylor shows the test she did for 15 textured stitches (some of them her own improvs) before settling on one for her cardigan


Knitting Crochet Tutorial - How to Wind a Center Pull Ball By Hand. Good for winding yarn that's in a skein rather than the already center pull yarn pictured at the beginning of this tutorial!

Knot Stitch | The Weekly Stitch: Multiple of 6 + 5  To make the knots: Purl 3 together, leaving them on the left needle.  Knit same 3 together, and Purl same 3 together again before dropping from left needle

Knot Stitch - Just the right amount of texture to use in an otherwise stockinette stitch garment! From The Weekly Stitch - Written pattern and video tut

Left Diagonal pattern |  Knit and Purl stitch Combinations

Knitted in a multiple of 6 sts and repeat. Row * repeat from * to end. Row * repeat from * to end. Row * repeat from * last 4 sts, Row * repeat from * last 4 sts, Row * repeat from * to end. Row * repeat from * to end.

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Japanese Lace Knitting Patterns ~~ Мобильный LiveInternet Книга:«Knitting Pattern Book 260 by Hitomi Shida