Jindra Skopcova

Jindra Skopcova

Jindra Skopcova
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My dogs are going to have one of these Wine crate into dog beds as soon as I find a crate.  <3

Wine crate dog bed - add outdoor cushion and some metal strips on the corners. Make a cute dog label in Adobe Illustrator that looks like a wine label

` all-about-animals

I think my dog would look good in one of these! Not sure where I could find pants with a large enough waist to make him one.he is much larger than this cute pup! Cute denim doggie bed (could make into a pussy cat bed)

turn an old pair of pants into a wine holder, crafts, repurposing upcycling

JEANS: Wine Bag Repurpose ~ pant leg to wine bag Get the SUPER easy tutorial Fun to make & terrific to have on hand for hostess gifts. Slip in a bottle of wine, olive oil, special vinegar etc

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denim pockets & loops & seams denim quilt- for picnics, on the couch watching a movie, or when it gets too cold and a need an extra blanket. Functional, fun, and cute!

Old Jeans DIY Reuse Ideas - MB Desire DIY and Crafts   to cool for kids room

Old Jeans DIY Reuse Ideas - MB Desire DIY and Crafts. Really interesting and original idea, could make a storage solution a bit more personal and eye-catching. Good idea - Jeans or Anything to recover random, cheaper storage boxes/cubes