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small green plants are in brown pots on the table and someone is holding them up
4” pot Sedum Little Missy
Plant will be shipped in 4” pot with soil and pot.
many pink and white flowers are in the middle of some green stems with purple centers
25 Drumstick Allium Seeds*Allium spaerocephalon*Changes Colors*Red/Purple/Green Egg Shaped Flowers*Self Seeds*Round headed leek/garlic*
SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS (updated frequently): FAQ PAGE: The time taken for perennial seeds to germinate varies from species to species. Some take a few weeks or months while others need up to 2 years. Not all seeds germinate at the same time and most species DO NOT have a 100% germination rate. Some species need to be chilled, scarified or soaked in water in order to germinate. This applies to several species of vines, trees, shrubs, tropicals and large seeds. COLD STRATIFY ALL PERENNIALS, SHRUB & TREE SEEDS for at least 30 days unless the plant specific instructions indicate a longer period of stratification. If you are unsure of the best way to germinate the seeds, pls DO NOT SOW ALL THE SEEDS. Keep some in case the germ
an image of some plants growing in the ground with water bottles on top of them
Chapin Irrigation Bucket Kits
Chapin Irrigation Bucket Kits | Growers Solution
some pink and yellow flowers are in the grass
Dahlia 'Dark Butterfly'
Dahlia Dark Butterfly | White Flower Farm
three metal flowers in the middle of some tall grass
Rain Catcher Large - Etsy
Rain Catcher Large - Etsy