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соединяем стеблем

Textured Art - "Combine the stem with a conventional medical syringe with diluted rarely, the same acrylic filler (putty dilute so that it rested on the wall and ceiling - no dripping, apply a thin layer).

Faux Venetian Plaster Tutorial - great directions & pictures that show you how to get this awesome finish!

Do you love the look of the aged-plaster walls found in European country manors? Re-create that look with nothing more than paint -- no messy plaster required.

d2045a550a64fad87f4be2b01c24c48d | ELR DECOR | Flickr

d2045a550a64fad87f4be2b01c24c48d | ELR DECOR | Flickr

Dip the trowel into Anjou Pear, then carefully into Jersey Cream so that there are two colors on the trowel. Starting near the top of the wall, apply the paint down the wall (see photo).

perfect colors Faux Venetian walls with SW colors troweled on: Jersey Cream, Anjou Pear, Tassel, Smokey Topaz and French Roast