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Hell by Deckard01

Zbrush tunnel and some hard surface robot sculpting.

Donna and 10

One of my many favorite lines from Doctor Who. He looks SO frustrated to be compared with a Martian. The fact that he says it like an awkwardly offended person

Doctor Who

Basically Run Doctor Who-I'm going to keep this as part of my inspiration to start/keep running. The Doctor requires a lot of running and if I'm not capable might not want me as a companion.

Ten <3 !!!!

If real doctors could only be the awesome. My real doctor is a bit on the. odd side, though. But you gotta love Ten

David Tennant teaches us proper book reading etiquette. How can one man be so adorable and sexy?!

Funny pictures about The proper way to read a book. Oh, and cool pics about The proper way to read a book. Also, The proper way to read a book.

Dr. Who?

EXTERMINATE ALL NON-WHOVIANS! Me - more like exterminate all the people who watch reality shows aimed at idiots! Also me- convert reality show watching idiots to doctor who. And Sherlock. And supernatural


Bones vs Doctor Who. Emma this is u and me. Logic and crazy. Mysteries and sic fi. Bones and dr who. We both only watch one tv show