Ground effects

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Аэродинамика экраноплана

Wing In Ground Effect

Wing In Ground Effect | Design Show 2015

# `Ivolga` experimental Ekranoplane : USSR-AIRSPACE, Cosmonaut and Aviation collectibles Animal Photography, Travel Photography, Ground Effects, Flying Car, Boat Building, Pet Accessories, Amphibians, Exotic Pets, Cats And Kittens

# ep151 EK-7C `Ivolga` experimental Ekranoplane

USSR-AIRSPACE # ep151 EK-7C `Ivolga` experimental Ekranoplane - EK-7C `Ivolga` experimental ekranoplane 15` lenght model from `Kometel` firm-original producer and designer of this WIG (Chief-designer Vyacheslav Kolganov). Original Ekranoplane oprated by one pilot and able to carry on board 14 passengers.Powered with ZMZ-4064.10 Russian engines or with BMW-38S engines.Maximum speed-210 km/h, cruiser speed -180 km/h.On altitude 1 meter (3

Ekranoplan (GEM - Ground Effect Mashin ) airplane scheme (conditionally) Rostislav Alekseev, Little “Caspian monster” Thrust Vectoring, Cad Library, Ground Effects, 3d Cad Models, Flying Car, Aircraft Design, Airplane, Innovation, Aqua

Дизайн экраноплана (ekranoplan design)

“Бегущая по волнам“ (“ Running on the waves”) based on the fantasy and romantic novel by Alexander Green. Ekranoplan (GEM - Ground Effect M...

  Ground Effects, Airplane Design, Flying Boat, Planes, Vehicle, Amphibians, Boats, Projects, Airplanes

Модель экраноплана (Ekranoplan model)

As demands for high speed sea transportations have recently been increased, various high speed ships appear. Among them the WIG is believed to be one of the next generation of the sea transportation system. Test flight of the 20 seaters WIG craft, Haenarae-X1, developed by MOERI was a success in August, 2007. Development of the large WIG is now ongoing, and it is expected to be commercialized in the near future. In this study we designed a remote controled WIG Craft and carried out its…


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Опытно-экспери ментальный экраноплан (Experimental ekranoplan)

  Ground Effects, Sea Crafts, Great Pic, Airplane, Aircraft, Planes, Boats, Wings, Water

Sovietic secret ww2 airplane. - Official 1C Company forum

Sovietic secret ww2 airplane. IL-2 Sturmovik

Lippisch WIG Model test flight at Viligili and Male Ground Effects, Model Test, Drones, Wigs, Aircraft, Boat, Vehicles, Boats, Hair Wigs

Модель экраноплана

Lippisch WIG craft based on 1/5th scale of a 4-seat actual one planned to be fabricated. The purpose of this model was to determine some basic parameters of ...

Дизайн экраноплана (design of the ekranoplan)