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Don't measure: It is more accurate to mark trim in place than to measure and then transfer numbers. It's easy to misread a ruler or to confuse numbers while walking to the saw.
Lee Valley Cornering Tools  ||  There is no faster way to ease the corners of work than with cornering tools. You can put a 1/16" or 1/8" radius on a corner as fast as you can run the tool down the work. They are excellent when creating pieces that do not require routing, but benefit from having the edge of stock eased to prevent splinters.
Dust Right® 4'' Dust Separator Components, with FREE Downloadable Plan!  $20.99  @Kre8Now_Makerspace
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New Stanley FatMax Pocket Chisel Won't Tear Your Pants or Tool Bag
10 Tricks of the Trade | Wonderful Woodworking:
Here's a little helper that you can make in about two minutes. It's like a third hand for holding cabinet parts together for assembly, or for clamping miter joints.
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Jet Jointer Clamp:  a small, easy-to-use clamp that's perfect for temporarily butting together a pair of boards and holding them in place at a right angle until clamps or screws can be added.