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Go to this site for those of you who would like to make these as dog collars, bracelets, +.this is a Snake Knot.

Knotted bracelet - no idea how one of these might help you survive, but if you add beads onto the middle threads in between the knots, it's a friendship bracelet.

paracord survival bracelet for the zombie apocalypse *Brent has worn the crap out of his. I have learned that the craft paracord is crap. get the good stuff at the camping supply stores.

Paracord Wallet...The boys would love making this.  Project on a camping trip.

I made this wallet from approximately of gutted paracord. As long as you have a pararcord needle (also called a fid) this project is no problem. You can purchase.

Paracord cobra style watchband #DIY #paracord

Paracord cobra style watchband #DIY #paracord