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the recipe for making homemade sugar with honey
Rules To Substitute Honey For Sugar Conversion Chart
Guide to subbing honey for sugar in recipes
a jar filled with baking powder sitting on top of a wooden table next to a red lid
Make Your Own Baking Powder
how to make half a recipe with instructions for the ingredients and numbers on it, including 1 / 2 cups
an old recipe book with instructions on how to use measuring cups
Vintage Measurement Table
Vintage Table of Measurements - good for young beginning cooks or math challenged like myself - print laminate and tape to a cabinet door when kids are helping in the kitchen!
kitchen measurements chart with measuring cups and spoons
Kitchen Measurements Cheat Sheet
a teapot with instructions to make it in the shape of a tea pot on top
I end up having to do the math for this all the time! This is so helpful! -- Guide to Halving a Recipe! by juliette
the recipe for making homemade sugar with honey
Stop And Check Out These Great Fitness Ideas!
a list of cookies and cupcakes with the words baking substiitions
Baking Ingredients Substitutions Chart
Baking Ingredients Substitutions easy chart to follow when you're missing an ingredient!
a jar with measurements on it sitting in front of a yellow background and the words measuring equivalments
how to cut a recipe in half with instructions for cutting glasses and making them look like they
Fantastic Decoration Ideas and Kitchen Hacks-Fantastic Decoration Ideas and Kitchen Hacks 10 - Diy Crafts You & Home Design
DIY Kitchen Decoration and Kitchen Hack Ideas #diykitchen
the instructions for how to make an oil - based condiment chart are shown in red, white and blue
For y'all that don't know how to do conversions :-) hope this helps.