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three different types of trains are shown in this page from an old book, with pictures of them
Märklin 60er
an old fashioned steam engine is shown in black and grey colors on a white background
a blue train engine sitting on top of a track next to a man standing in front of it
Retrofuturistic Diesel Locomotive by Bela Kotroczo
Time Travel Machine, Locomotive Engine, Train Drawing, Train Wall Art, 3d Karakter, Steam Engine Trains, Castles In Ireland, Steam Railway, Subway Train
Cigarette Cards - Varieties of Great Eastern Express Engine
an image of a blue and white drawing of a large tank with two smaller tanks attached to it
an old train is depicted in this antique print from the early 1900's,
eisenbahn 2
six green and blue trains are shown side by side
Dave Cooper | Transport Photography | Based In York, Yorkshire
an old fashioned train is shown in red and black, as well as other details
an old fashioned train is shown in red and black colors, with other details on the side
an image of a diagram showing the structure of a ship
28crucis - Professional, General Artist | DeviantArt
some sketches of trains and their engines
Haimeng cao hand drawn locomotives