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Pierotina Jolyjokerová
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Gaia, Occult, Scandinavian, Felting

Closer look at the bracers.

Leather work 142 - 08 by HamraBDG on deviantART. Thorn bracer, the Thorns only use bark that falls naturally from the tree; in gratitude they confer great protection upon their guardians

Jacket of LWI HandDyed Layered Hemps, work in progress...mainly hand stitched & mostly hemp fleece...the weave.

Jacket of LWI HandDyed Layered Hemps, work in progress.mainly hand stitched & mostly hemp fleece.the weave.


leather foot guards (interesting) To protect the soles of the feet, but allow the toes out to climb. I think if I wasn't allowed to go barefoot, I would were these all the time.