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a map showing the locations of various parks
Hear Yoko IMAGINE at Strawberry Fields
Central Park, New York
the new york's best under $ 10 eats according to actual chefs by michael j miller
The Best Under-$10 Eats In NYC, According To Actual Chefs
The Best Under-$10 Eats In NYC, According To Actual Chefs
a stack of pretzels sitting on top of a table with the words 20 foods that you must try in new york city
20 foods that you must try in New York City by a native New Yorker
Planning your trip to New York City? Twenty foods that you must eat in New York City for your NYC food bucket list by a native New Yorker! #travel #food #NYC
the new york bucket list is shown in pink and white with text overlaying it
I’ve done almost all these things. I guess I’ll have to go back sometime.
a subway map with many different lines and colors on it, including the metro line
Boston Subway - The "T" - Boston Public Transportation - Boston Discovery Guide
Never thought I'd see this again; let alone find it on Pinterest....lived off of this when I was in Boston! Boston subway map
people walking in front of an old brick building
The balcony where the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time, Boston, MA. This is the Old State House.
an old building with people walking around in front of it and tall buildings behind it
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Trinity Church. Boston, Massachusetts. Attended service here while on vacation. Praise God for the blessings in my life!