Photos of my bonsai plants.
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#2 Azalea bonsai (second year in training). Pruning and wiring begins after flowering is finished.

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#4 Azalea bonsai (2014) beginning to cascade down the side. Winter damage had to be pruned from the bonsai after the severe winter.

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#1 Rescued forsythia bonsai from a hedgerow (three years in training).

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#4 The same shari forsythia bonsai this Spring (2014). After blossoming, will begin wiring branches to cascade down pot.

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#1 Chipmunk visiting new Azalea bonsai in training (first year).

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Japanese Maple in late winter before Spring pruning (16 years in training).

Hawthorn bonsai (second year in training).

#2 Same forsythia as the flowering image (#1) after it was made into a shari bonsai. Areas of bark removed and coated with lime sulfur that bleaches and preserves exposed wood.

#3 Another view of the same shari bonsai. Next phase over the next few years will be to extend the length of the living branches to have them cascade down the bonsai pot.

#3 Autumn color on Azalea bonsai (2013).

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