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the process of making cell phone frames is shown in multiple pictures, including one being held up
DIY Lamp Shades From Photographs
a stack of cassette tape recorders sitting on top of a table
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a lamp that has pictures on it sitting on a table in front of a mirror
Make your own Kodachrome slide lamp shade - but it will be hard to top Shane's - Retro Renovation
an old movie reel sitting on top of a stack of books with two baby pictures in it
Movie reel picture frame
two metal wheels with pictures on them sitting next to each other
Vintage Movie Reels Repurposed
there are many reels hanging on the wall
Vintage Movie Reel Wall Art
a wreath on the side of a building with pine cones and other items hanging from it
Christmas Decor ... in 'Reel' Time
an old movie reel with the words, vintage movie reel chalkboard frame my thrift store addition
A Reel-y Retro Chalkboard Frame: Repurposed Vintage Movie Reel
Decoupage, Diy Storage, Vintage Train Case, Vintage Luggage, Suitcase Decor, Diy Suitcase
How To Recover A Vintage Train Case
a wooden coat rack with many different items hanging from it's sides and on the wall
Holiday House Tour
an old table turned into a planter with flowers in it and a dog sitting next to it
4 Easy Steps to Transform Your Sewing Table into Colour Popping Planter - The Owner-Builder Network