Celebrate birthdays and graph information about them. Find additional tips in the teacher's guide. 80 total pieces, including 60 candle pieces.

Birthday Graph Bulletin Board Display Set

- Birthday Graph Bulletin Board Display Set, Celebrate class birthdays with this graph chart. Add a candle for each student’s birthday to build.

Teach your students the life cycle of an ant through an educational craft that makes learning fun.

Insect Science: Ant Life Cycle Craft

Fire ants share the same life cycle as any other ant. They go through 4 stages starting as an egg then moving as a larvae and into a pupae then an adult ant.


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Tak TROCHU ... jiný svět: Čas - piktogramy

Tak TROCHU ... jiný svět: Čas - piktogramy


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Weather Art, Monat, Coloring, Preschool, Kid Garden, Kindergarten, Preschools, Kindergarten Center Signs, Pre K