Johanka Lachová

Johanka Lachová

Johanka Lachová
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Deeply in love with this boy that it hurts. No words can ever explain how much I love him and why I love him.I love you Niall James Horan,even if you have no clue I exist

One direction. One direction funnys. Liam payne. Niall horan.

He's not ugly! Ppl stop saying he's ugly and that u hate him. If u were a true a directioner than u wouldn't say that Niall is ugly!

Which One Direction member is your future husband?

Harry: Liam, what's funnier than turdyseven? Liam: I don't know, what? Harry:Turdy eight! Liam and Harry laugh Louis: What's even funnier though? Liam and Harry: What? Zayn: TURDY NINE! Everyone rolls on floor laughing:D

Niall Louis

My family made cookies today and I was thinking about Louis and Niall the whole time. I was thinking about Louis because he loves cookie dough and Niall because he loves food.