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Johanka Blowersová

Johanka Blowersová
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"Put me down and let me fight you annoying little-" "Ah ah ah..." He interrupted me. "Not with that attitude." "Ugh..." I struggled. "Stop it or I'll carry you like a princess." He threatened playfully and smirked. Although I knew he would do it. I do believe in annoyed at first sight. He just showed up like I needed to be saved. Please.... (Open Rp, I'm the girl ~keep it clean~)

Can we just talk about how freaking adorable this is? Annabeth trying to see the tytle of a book and Percy is just so chill helpng her get close like it happens every day


Funny pictures about One Of My Favorite Fresh Prince Moments. Oh, and cool pics about One Of My Favorite Fresh Prince Moments. Also, One Of My Favorite Fresh Prince Moments photos.

Run Batman, RUN

My favorite episode! Had to rewind numerous times bc it was so funny! "we're here to see our friend.not kill Batman" - Big Bang Theory.