Petr Bartoš
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Bamboo Jar for Storage 'Fengshui'

Light, but exceptionally strong bamboo jar made out of wood from Anji, the city of bamboo. Suitable for storing any food or herbs, including loose tea.

“The Swedish toy company Acne JR launches a line of five new products. A soft toy puppy, apple, tin drum, wooden skull, and a denim version of their classic teddy bear ‘Chester’. Traditional, toys in a modern design. At the same time Acne JR has also opened a webshop.”

Acne JR is a Swedish toy company based in Stockholm and their ambition is to make traditional, iconic, toys in a modern way. Toys have a modern design look but also feels very traditional, and well – I believe not only kids will like them!

Bamboo Jar (Small 6oz salt jar) San Francisco Salt Company

This eco friendly bamboo salt jar ready is for you to replenish with your own sea salt and perfect for your kitchen or bath. The lid remains in place using a small magnet, keeping your salt fresh. I love the simple design!