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four different logos with blue and white colors
watermark_attachment_02.png by Co-motion Studio
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an assortment of logos and business cards with different colors, shapes and font options to choose from
Quartel Design - Marketing Estratégico
Dr. Rodrigo Espírito Santo é oftalmologista, especialista em Plástica Ocular. Desenvolvemos sua marca optando por cores que simbolizem a sensação de ajuste, o que cria uma ligação com o propósito de melhorar a visão e corrigir imperfeições. O conceito da marca busca transmitir a ideia de refinamento através de um símbolo circular que representa a forma de um olho.
a woman with red hair standing in front of an orange and black background that says, you belong to the differences
Manubranding | Branding and Web Design
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two brochures designed to look like they are made out of paper with colorful circles on them
Visual identity for one of Britain's most prolific innovation foundations that is inspired by an ecosystem of kinetic planets.
four squares with different colored circles on them
To eir is Human
Reviewed: New Name, Logo, and Identity for eir by Moving Brands
an image of the website design for eis, which has been designed by graphic designer and
Turning Eircom into Eir: Ireland's biggest brand revamp in decades
many different colored business cards are arranged in the shape of circles and letters, all on top of each other
eir - Arthur Foliard | Designer | Brand Identity | Books | Digital
the logo for live life on eis is shown against a blue and green background
Eircom launches new identity in “Ireland’s largest rebrand for 20 years”
the words life is colorful and so are we on a black background with multicolored circles
the stationery is designed to look like an abstract design with bright colors and curves
Showcase of Creative Designs Made with Vibrant Gradients
Designers love colour! The RGB spectrum we work with on our digital computers gives us the widest possible range of colour to work with, much wider than the range of hues that can be replicated in CMYK inks, but that’s not to say there aren’t some ultra bright print projects out there to admire. In …
there are many different types of logos on this page, including one for each brand
To eir is Human
New Name, Logo, and Identity for eir by Moving Brands
an abstract background with circles and dots in different colors on a light grey background that resembles the letter c
Design & Digital Consultancy
The Clarence Centre by Stylo. #branding #design
four different colored business cards on top of each other with the wording in black and white
Fórmula Creativa Branding | Inspiration Grid
Powerful brand identity and collateral by Mexican design studio Fórmula Creativa. From their website: "Founded in 2012, our goal has been to propose relevant solutions design, attention to detail in each project. We are convinced that design should communicate and look wonderful. That's why we decided to redesign our logo with a colorful and simple visual identity. We hope you enjoy it." More branding inspiration via Behance