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Support the bees in your garden while adding a pop of colour, with our DIY bee water station. #SaveTheBees #gardening #gardeningtips #gardenhacks #bees #attractbees #GardenPlanning #pollinators #beefriendly #wildlifegarden


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The monarch butterfly's plight has captured public attention and sparked widespread interest in helping to save their dwindling populations. In this in-depth portrait of the monarch butterfly — covering its life cycle, its special relationship with milkweed, its extraordinary migration, and the threats it now faces due to habitat loss and climate change — detailed instructions on how to design and create monarch-friendly landscapes are enriched by guidance on observing and understanding butterfl

Butterfly garden

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I LOVE these full sun perennials! Lots of pink and purple flowers as well as ornamental grasses. So many options for your garden landscaping.
39 Plants That Like Full Sun And Heat

Drought landscaping

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Learn how to cut lavender and see when and how it's harvested.

Drying harvesting tips

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Whether you have a small corner of your yard or an entire acre to redesign, Japanese gardens are the perfect way to create structure, nature and serenity in the outdoors.  Every element of a Japanese garden has its own meaning and aids in cultivating Zen.  The right garden can bring a sense of calm to your outdoor spaces and increase your home’s value, too.  Here are some Japanese garden ideas that will help you achieve a sense of peace and serenity in your own backyard.
Purple plants with purple blooms and leaves offer a calming effect in any garden landscaping. They convey richness and elegance in addition to bearing a color that has long been associated with royalty. Purple-flowered plants also make a beautiful addition to any garden or environment. There are many different shades of purple plants for you to opt for, from graceful lavender to light, soft roses.
I love this article on what plants to grow in clay soil! It is so detailed and really outlines how these plants can thrive in the thick clay!

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Herbs That Grow Together In a Pot - Plant Instructions
Learn how to grow and process vanilla beans at home through fermenting and drying to get flavorful vanilla beans.

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Discover key information about lilac bushes to help you cultivate a thriving and fragrant garden!

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Plant 🌿 Herb on Instagram: "Drop ❤ if you want more posts like this. lants Love Coffee 🌱🤩 Great content by @creative_explained ❤ . . . #lifehack #garden #trick #lifehacks #gardenlife #tips #plants #plantstagram #instagood #instadaily #learnfromme #alwayslearning #hacks #gardening #gardner #fertilizer #clubsoda #magic #wow #diy #gardeninspiration #plantsmakepeoplehappy #creativeexplained #plantfood #coffee #howto #recipe #cinnamon #plantlover"

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The Oft-Forgotten Part of Your Kitchen That Could Be Attracting Fruit Flies

Insects bugs varmints

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Stop mowing by growing a wild lawn. Follow these lawncare tips to plant a natural lawn that requires no mowing. See which plants to grow. #gardeningchannel #gardening #naturallawn #lawncare

Lawn groundcover moss slopes

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Dive into our curated list of the most charming short perennials, perfect for adding bursts of color and texture to your garden beds. Click here to discover these petite powerhouses!
23 Most Beautiful Perennials That Bloom Spring to Fall - The Botanic Home


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