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a woman's foot with the word love written on her left side and an arrow tattoo
MY FIRST TATTOO: My Experience & the Meaning Behind it — Julia Elise Collective
child of God tattoo
a woman's arm with a yellow sunflower tattoo on the left side of her wrist
iris tattoo
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three different views of an ear with piercings
Alva Swarovski Crystal 16G Silver Barbell
Simple Yet Cool Ear Piercing Combinations Ideas at - Constellation Earrings - Cartilage Studs - Helix Jewelry - Swarovski Crystal 16G Pinna Barbells - Heart Daith Rook Ring - Tumblr
a chalkboard with the words god is greater than the highs and lows romans 8 - 29
How to Live in a Bi-Polar World
“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” ~Charles Dickens If that doesn’t describe the paradox of life- I don’t know what does. The rhythm of this life is bi-polar. The beat is booming and the tempo erratic. Don’t panic. I AM with you. I will #help you and hold […]
several different pictures with tattoos on them and one woman's arm in the middle
good places for tat
four pairs of piercings with different colored stones on each side and the words triple forward he
"Triple Forward Helix Bonus Packs" by bodycandy on Polyvore #bodycandy
a woman's ear with three small flowers on it
L.A.'s 10 Coolest Ear-Piercing Combinations — & The Man Behind Them All
"Three is just an awesome number. It's like the shape of a pyramid. It just visually works." #refinery29
the back of a woman's shoulder with an inscription on it that reads, perfect places for a tattoo added 1 month ago from buzzfeed com
33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo
Vertical Back