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an abstract painting with the word now spelled out in bold colors and letters that appear to be multicolored
Lauralee Chambers🌀 on Instagram: "MOM is WOW in this class!! Always connected to art learning. These color combo Notans checked all the boxes. Concepts: Symmetry, positive/negative, contrast and color. Skills: visual spatial organization, drawing half letters, cutting, flipping and gluing in correct position."
two children are making paper flowers with scissors
Özel Eğitim Özel Çocuklar on Instagram: "Öğretmenlerine çiçek buketi hazırlayan minikler 💐 . . . . . . #özeleğitim #ozelegitim #okulöncesietkinlik #okulöncesioyun #oyun #özelçocuklar #özelgereksinimliçocuklar #farkındalık #zihinselgelişim #bilişselgelişim #bilişselgelisim #motorgelişimi #materyaltasarımı #instagram"
four pieces of paper with writing on them that say, i love you so much hope you have a great day
Lauralee Chambers🌀 on Instagram: "A favorite favorite!!! Idea from @thewanderingteach a few years back. Still love it!!"
paper flowers in a pot on top of a piece of construction paper with the word stefa krawnski
Easy and Attractive Flower Basket Crafts Ideas
several pieces of paper with words written on them
2art.chambers on Instagram: It’s coming! @thewanderingteach I’ve saved your idea for a year! F I N A L L Y …I did these with my sister’s 2nd grade class! We both…
four different types of key chains with words written on them, and two are attached to each other
Shrink Film Keepsake Keychains - Simply Kinder
a piece of paper with the words my mom written on it and a pink heart
Construction Paper Flowers
Tulip in a Heart Card Paper Craft for Kids
Be still my heart! This tulip in a heart card is the cutest card your kids can make, either for Valentine’s day or mother’s day.
the pop up card has two hearts on it and one is folded to look like a flower
100 Valentine's Day DIY Craft Ideas for Kids
65 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas for Kids #valentinesday #craftsforkids
a card with two hearts cut out of it sitting on a table next to stacks of plates
Van alles over mij en mijn hobby: scrappen!
cute card...cute as a little wall hanging too