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Ashley - Black Veil Brides GiF<> best part of this was i didn't even read the description and from the butt i knew it was ashley xD

I knew it was Ashley from his butt, is that weird? This is my reaction whenever my teacher gives a pop quiz or assigns homework on a Friday, or a dumb kid pisses me off, really it's my go to response for anything.

This man will always be the same, my hero.

At first I though I was looking at Andy (black veil brides and the other half was Johnnie Guilbert. But At second glance it was young andy and older andy.

Personnel: Andy Biersack (vocals); Jinxx (guitar, strings); Jake Pitts (guitar); John Webster (keyboards); Christian Coma (drums); Marc LaFrance, David Steele, Nikki Grier, Tiffany Loren, Angie Fisher

Day Favourite BVB IV Song (Black Veil Brides Challenge) This one's a hard one. Probably between Drag Me To The Grave and The Shattered God.