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a wooden shelf with a white tree on it and a black wall in the background
T(h)ree coat hanger by Gael Manes | 2 You Ideas
T(h)ree coat hanger by Gael Manes
a book shelf with books in it on top of a rug next to a wall
Monatelierdeco Idées de décoration intérieure que vous pouvez facilement réaliser vous-même.
Voici cinq solutions pour faciliter le rangement des affaires de vos kids: jouets, livres, doudous trouveront plus facilement leur place.
a wooden shelf with shoes and clothes hanging on it in front of a window, next to a white rug
13 Awesome Bedroom Organization Ideas You Can Do Before Holidays
Modern Wooden Wardrobe DIY Bedroom Projects | 12 DIY Bedroom Projects for the Weekend
there is a chalkboard on the wall next to a potted plant and lamp
The greatest Ikea Hacks we could find for you. Take a day off and create your own!*Base from Ikea STUVA cabinets for this stunning D.I.Y.
the baby crib is next to an open window and some pictures on the wall
Decoração e Quarto Montessoriano
DECORAÇÃO E QUARTO MONTESSORIANO - http://www.ateliecasademaria.com.br/
a child's bedroom decorated in yellow and gray with a bed, desk, chair, and toy house
Really creative kids room design. Awesome deck, awesome shelves and a super cute bed.
a child's room with clouds painted on the wall and stuffed animals sitting on shelves
Cloud shelves - Apples & Beavers
Apples & Beavers | Cloud shelves for the kids room - just a little bit of white paint and some simple and inexpensive bathroom shelves from Ikea (Enudden series)
a child's room with toys and furniture on the bottom right hand corner is an instagram post
mommo design: DIY IDEAS WITH WOOD