Jitka Tvarogová

Jitka Tvarogová

Jitka Tvarogová
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Silhouette. Make these for each student. put my own words for thestudent inside. give as an end of the year gift to encourage andinspire student throughout the summer.

authenticarts: it’s like a Jane Austen book come to life. e-picart: mixed media collage made from tiny cutouts from a text book inches took about hours to make (alternately, a poem or autobiography inside)

Sixteen Woman Painting by Sandra Silberzweig

"Sixteen Women" by Sandra Silberzweig. This design,but only one face, would be cool on my river rocks I am currently painting.

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Collage Week- A good idea for the beginning of the year to get to know your students. You can hang them up on your bulletin board to display student work and show who your students are.