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The Naga-pata and Kundalini Chakra

Kundalini is the same principal as the Soter, the Savior Serpent of the Gnostics.” The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga, Carl Jung.

Suzani-Style Stepping-Stones

Suzani-Style Stepping-Stones These enchanting stepping-stones rival a rainbow with their riotous color! But it's not paint that beautifies them: It's fabric. And the pavers are amazingly easy to make yourself. Make this project.

Healing the Seven Chakras with Herbs – Fractal Enlightenment

The Hawthorn tree is among the most beautiful of the forest trees. Characteristically English, the Hawthorn tree joins the other forest trees from the Rose tribe which have white flowers.

Chocolate & olive oil cake !!!

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake Recipe - A moist chocolate olive oil cake is a dark chocolate lovers dessert with healthy, vegan ingredients. Dairy free, no eggs.