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a drawing of a house with a tree in front of it and a fence around the door
If an alien on Earth (1955) - Pieck, Anton - LastDodo
Drawings / paintings - Pieck, Anton - If an alien on Earth
a watercolor painting of a lighthouse on the coast
Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon. Dramatic stormy sky over rugged Pacific coast & surf. James Mann watercolor landscape art prints, notecards
a drawing of a woman in a blue dress with gold trims on her waist
Viking-Woman-by-AzaleasDolls royal by soulstar999 on DeviantArt
a drawing of a woman dressed in costume
High Priestess Tyrande by ammatice on DeviantArt
a woman with long white hair holding a butterfly in one hand and an arrow in the other
my heart goes out with this one: Photo