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a cake with chocolate frosting and colorful candy sprinkles on the top
A Novice Guide to Decorating Cakes - Cake By Sadie Smith
there is a cake decorated with candy and strawberries
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a cake with chocolate frosting and multicolored candy toppings on the top
a cake with chocolate and white frosting on a plate
Überraschungsei Torte von Firerain| Chefkoch
1h 15m
a birthday cake decorated with brown bears and the number two on it's top
Happy Hippo (Nilpferd) Torte von Sugarbabe1234| Chefkoch
2h 45m
a chocolate cake with white frosting and sprinkles
Sugarprincess: Super leckere Happy Hippo Torte | Nilpferd-Torte zum Geburtstag | Rezept und Video
a cake decorated with bamboo sticks and panda bears
Tartas infantiles temáticas: osos panda - DecoPeques