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some sticks sticking out of the water
Ludovic Fesson WILD IDEA land art 5
some blue berries are on a tree stump
visual artist :: blog
a star made out of sticks with daisies on it sitting in the middle of water
[Nils Udo] Land Art
an arrangement of plants and decorations on the ground
several colorful nets are hanging in the woods
Edith Meusnier, Aumont en Halatte, France | Weekly Artist Fibre Interviews | Fibre Art | International | Canadian | World of Threads Festival | Contemporary Fiber Art Craft Textiles | Oakville Ontario Canada ****
an image of four different plants in the same pattern and one has a spiral design on it
The nature of Andy Goldsworthy - Architectural Review
a green snake painted on the ground next to some grass and leaves in the dark
Andy Goldsworthy – sublime and beautiful environmental art
many different types of plants and leaves are on the ground in this photo, all together
Hunter | Gatherer: Botanicals
four different pictures of leaves and spoons on the ground with one laying in the grass
Eco Art
a black plate with yellow eyes and grass on it