Jitka Koldová

Jitka Koldová

Jitka Koldová
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Mosaic Details and Floors

I love the way this flooring idea creates smooth movement between the indoor and outdoor spaces , great design idea to use in a more contemporary way with either hard, stone or industrial flooring in your interior home design Mosaic Details and Floors

Beautiful mosaic wall and stairs.

Treetanic Bar The Jade Seahorse - A bizarre boutique hotel in Utila, Honduras . It features five oddly shaped but comfortable bungalows, each eclectically decorated with bottle art, mosaic tiles and iridescent glass stones.

Teacup mosaic planter wall

mosaic board with half-teacups/coffee mugs - to plant succulents and/or herbs - unique garden decor! (Use same cup i. all blue on all yellow tile background or blue willow broken plates for organizer board, maybe just 3 cups?

Mosaic terra cotta DIY

I knew there was a reason i still had all of that broken pottery! Add personality to your garden with easy mosaic projects you create from pieces of tile, pottery and glass.