Raspberry Chocolate Cups-1

Raspberry Chocolate Cups

Ingredients: Prep Time: 30 min chilling time Total Time: 40 mins chilling time 7 oz g) dark chocolate cocoa) 6 aluminum muffin cups 5 oz g) fres

Bolo de Annie

Valentine's Day-Food idea-Cake Annie - may be a pipedream, but beautiful cake that would be a fun challenge to make :)

Did it, boys loved them, so so easy!

Watermelon on a stick . An easy (and slightly less messy) way to serve watermelon. Ideal summer party food for kids.

This Copycat McDonald's Apple Pie Recipe is so easy and so delicious. What's better than a warm homemade apple pie? A warm homemade apple pie that you can hold in your hands!

I know I shouldn't but I love their apple pies. Here is how to make McDonald's Apple Pies: INGREDIENTS For the dough: 1 package pastry .

Ceskej chleba

"It's safe to say that I may not be buying bread again. This recipe takes 5 minutes to mix, dough rises for 2 hours and you will literally have perfect bread. Every time. No kneading required!" Hope this is fail free, as I am not the best bread maker.

19 Pequeños usos que le puedes dar a una bandeja para hielos

19 Pequeños usos que le puedes dar a una bandeja para hielos


Do hrnečku dám trošku mléka, mírně zahřeji, dám káv. lžičky cukru a…

Bábovka s tvarohovou náplní - výborná a rychlá!

ořechoví moučník na pulnoční navštěvu v lednici