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several pickles are arranged in the shape of a flower
some bread is laying on top of each other and the words dukattove buchuty - sekacini tasto
Dukátové buchtičky – senzační těsto - Magnilo
Dukátové buchtičky – senzační těsto
three pieces of paper with gold and white decorations on top of each other in the shape of hearts
a wreath made out of toilet paper is hanging on the wall
You Made a Wreath From What?
Carboard Party Decoration - Toilet Paper Wreath from momandtheblonds.blogspot.com
two plates filled with different types of food
Návykové bramborové smaženky
several mini pizzas with vegetables and cheese on them
four pieces of cake sitting on top of each other with the words nepene be - be fezy's pudnikovm kerem
Nepečené be-be řezy s pudinkovým krémem