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four pictures showing different types of bracelets and other crafting supplies for kids to make
How to Make a Friendship Bracelet with a Recycled Plastic Lid
an image of a clock with arrows pointing in different directions
(( Bracelets )) Kumihimo Bracelets
Really, really, really awesome site that has a video on using a kumihimo wheel. It also has links for other pages that allow you to design your own patterns and print your own kumihimo disk template (in a range of sizes and string numbers).
a red and gold braiding on top of a white surface
Tutorial: Half flat braid with edge color
Kumihimo - Half flat braid with edge color
four different patterns are shown in this image
Aprende a utilizar discos de kumihimo
Descubre cómo elaborar pulseras con discos de kumihimo y aprende a interpretar los diagramas.
the instructions for how to make an origami clock with blue and green ribbons
hamoraima: Patrón Kumihimo
four pictures of different colors and sizes of yarn on a white surface with a yellow flower in the middle
Kumihimo. Schemi di intreccio
Il Giardino di Flora- Uncinettose evasioni ed altro: Kumihimo. Schemi di intreccio
instructions to make a spiral kumiko bracelet
Minitutoriales de Accesorios - Imágenes
how to make a kumimo beaded bracelet with instructions for making the beads
Kumihimo Beaded Bracelets Tutorial
Make this beautiful DIY beaded bracelet for you, a friend, or your kids! Discover your creative side with DIY supplies from Walgreens.com.
how to make a paper charm bead bracelet at home with instructions and step - by - step pictures
Jewelry & Accessories
Tutorial on How to Make a Silver Charm Kumihimo Bead Bracelet at Home from LC.Pandahall.com
a clock made out of white paper on a wooden table with black wires attached to it
Kumihimo - tutorial; flat braid with hearts
Kumihimo tutorial: flat braid with hearts - I want to make this!!
a person is holding up a calendar with pencils stuck to it's side
How to Make a Square Plate Kumihimo Bracelet with Button Closure
How to Make a Square Plate Kumihimo Bracelet with Button Closure - The Beading Gem's Journal
a clock with green and white lines on it
kumihimo 14b
kumihimo 14b | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a white clock with blue and white strings attached to it's face on a wall
kumihimo 03d
kumihimo 03d by Lady Gepa of SunDragon, via Flickr