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an island in the middle of water with a church on it's side and trees around it
Lake Bled Slovenia - Explore Slovenia - Kevmrc
Slovenia travel. Lake Bled Slovenia - Explore Slovenia | Lake Bled Slovenia is one of the most unique places around: a lake, in the middle of mountains, with a tiny island in the center, with a church on it. How amazing is that? Come along and let’s explore this part of Slovenia together. #sloveniatravel #lakebled #falltravel #europetravel #island
two pictures showing the same city at different times
The power of oil
The power of oil
an artist's rendering of a futuristic city on top of a floating island in the ocean
Complex at the Centre of the Universe created by Staszek Marek (Poland)
This incredible piece of art was created by Staszek Marek of Poland for the Architecture and Landscape Digital Art Challenge held by NVIDIA back in 2008. It is absolutely breathtaking…
a futuristic building in the middle of the ocean with a sail shaped structure on top
Thierry Mugler Se Lanza Al Mercado Inmobiliario Disenando Su Propio Hotel Junto A Jean Paul Cassia
a tall building with lots of plants growing on it's sides and the words instagram
Bosco Verticale ? Milan, Italy. Photo by @kyrenian #nature - Panissue Share
an aerial view of a castle in the sky
Who wants to live there with me ? - FunSubstance
This is most accurate picture of my ideal home. The one in my head is a little less gothic and a little more modern.
many people are walking on a bridge over some rocks and mountains with birds flying in the sky
Da Nang, Vietnam @wespeakfashion #lugares #vietnam
an island in the middle of the ocean with a castle on it's head
Amazing Homes In Amazing Locations! (Eye Candy Like None Other!)
Love the aerial gondola that allows you to get between the house (OMG!) and the mainland.
a boat is docked at the end of a wooden dock in front of a house
Sacha Lodge, Ecuador.