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an image of a car that is in the process of being drawn
Week of sleeping cups, Иллюстрация ©️️ Илья Казаков #illustration
an illustration of people swimming in a pool with the words cafebiz on it
Davide Bonazzi illustrator - Portfolio
All content Copyright © 2016 Davide Bonazzi. All r ights reserved.
a man in an orange suit sitting on top of a balance scale next to a black ball
Davide Bonazzi
Davide Bonazzi
some people are standing in line with the words men in animation written on them,
Bodies in animation. #Feminism This needs to change. Several artists already are, but more need to join.
two different types of cartoon characters are shown in this graphic style, with the caption's description below
Internet’s double standards…
The internet's double standards, which how illustrated here I call bullshit. Yes, both men and women have pressures to stay skinny and such, but I dare any overweight women to post a lingerie photo on the internet next to an overweight guy in boxers, and we'll see who gets ripped to shreds first. There are actors of average/overweight who are adored as the norm, not like women actresses who are adored when overweight as the exception.
a woman in a red and white dress standing next to another woman with her mouth open
Really? Men Are Still Trying to Control Women's Fertility? Really!?!
The Madonna/Whore Complex [click on this image to find a short video and analysis, which takes up recent events surrounding the discourse on slut shaming]
two panels of batman and the dark knight
Those who wander are not lost
"The former is how America views itself. The latter, darker character is how the rest of the world views America." Michael Caine on Superman and Batman
a card with words and pictures on it
THANK YOU for finding this pin. I Love the person I am but others keep telling me to be, do and act otherwise. Like the person said before me become, your approval and/or opinion is meaningless.