Jirka Jurenka

Jirka Jurenka

Jirka Jurenka
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Das ist es, was sich Leben nennt!

Oh my Gosh this is so thought provoking! Illustration about everything wrong with society. “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

DIY Chalkboard Learning Wagons

DIY TOYS These drawers with wheels would be good for toys to wheel under the bed and when they are empty he could drive them around

the most funny HD video compilation fail http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB8Tf4jag1Q

Stick figure family decals have been around since if you can believe it, and though their 15 minutes of fame has LONG expired. These 10 antisocial stick figure family decals cleverly mock, belittle, shame and otherwise