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The German Model Kar 98k Mauser Carbine is a modified, shortened version of the WWI Gewehr 98 rifle, the Mauser turn-bolt action, developed by Paul Mauser in 1898. The Kar 98k (98k) was adopted for use by the German Wehrmacht in 1935. It was the primary German infantry rifle in WW II, and was noted for its excellent accuracy.

The German Model Kar Mauser Carbine is a modified, shortened version of the…

German helmet ww2

Many kinds of German helmets at the World War II. The picture includes many details. And if you want can be used as a study guide for learning them.

German heavy tanks - panzer

three tanks that were part of Hitlers super tank fantasy smallest is the Lowe Lion second is the biggest of Hitlers E tank series and the biggest is the Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus.Lowe's cm gun, cm gun, and Maus: cm gun.


German Armour camouflage colours by A/K Interactive, original RAL Paint Numbers.