Jiří Hurt - photographer

Jiří Hurt - photographer

Jiří Hurt - photographer
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Il giallo nella bandiera del Brasile, per esempio, è la ricchezza mineraria del paese, mentre il giallo nella bandiera delle Bahamas è il sole (Flag Stories)

A flag timeline can express a whole nation's history in a simple graphic as each flag adoption represent a significant event throughout history.

Europe: blank template Europe 1815 Hegemonies of Europe-1870 (note: he·gem·o·ny (noun)1. leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others, as in a confederation. 2. (esp. amo...

Alliances were a large part of World War One. The Triple Alliances consisted of Germany, Austria- Hungary and Italy. Another alliance group was the Triple Entente which consisted of Britain, France and Russia.

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German Cities with Italian names