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The yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata) on the green moss. Brown frog with yellow belly with green and brown backgroun - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

Rosnička zelená

Rosnička zelená

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Ropucha obecná

Skokan krátkonohý

Skokan krátkonohý

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The moor frog (Rana arvalis) is a slim, reddish-brown, semi aquatic amphibian native to Europe and Asia.

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There are over types of frogs world wide that are placed in 25 families. Article about all of types of frogs including bullfrogs, tree frogs, Gray Tree Frog, more.

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Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group - The Animals

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File:Mating scene with elevated Alpha Male. Elephant Seals of Piedras Blancas.

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The Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus); male specimen "mating dress" under water

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Green Frog or Edible Frog (Pelophylax kl. esculentus) is a name for a common European frog, also known as the common water frog or green frog