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Zdjęcie - 18.05.2011 | Fotosik.pl

Zdjęcie - 18.05.2011 | Fotosik.pl

wooden animal blocks

wood puzzle - blocks - animal faces - by Naef - toy

How great is it to make things you can't always find at a store...for the love of wood

wooden animals: toys for kids.

Figure 13-28. Hikers can easily use stiles to cross a fence.

Figure Hikers can easily use stiles to cross a fence.

A design like the picture above shows the handling facility that will be on on my cow-calf operation. This facility is located according to access from pastures, so cattle can go from pastures into the holding and sorting pens. Once in these pens cattle can follow through the layout where we can easily bring them into the squeeze chute. Also the facility will help us load the cattle when transporting.

Cattle working pens and chute.

Constructing Wire Fences | University of Missouri Extension

Correct procedure for threading the nine gage smooth wire used as a diagonal in the brace assembly

Image result for kissing gate

Billedresultat for kissing gate

How to build: Crossbuck-Fence-400-4

How to build:

Figure 13. Types of anchor-and-brace assemblies and where to locate them. (a) For fence lengths of 160 feet or less, use single-span end construction. (b) For fence lengths of 200 to 700 feet, use double-span end construction. (c) For fences more than 700 feet long, use a brace-line-post assembly to divide the fence lengths. (d) On rolling land, fence stretching is easier if braced line-post assemblies are located at the foot and top of each hill. (e) Contour fences, more than 350 feet long…

Fences for the Farm

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