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Dan Winters grew up during the golden age of space reporting and is one few who have mastered the craft of photographing space launches. The magnificent images in his new book, Last Launch, prove that he is a virtuoso at his work.

dequalized: “The last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, as photographed by Dan Winters, an award-winning photographer based in Austin, Los Angeles. Last Launch is a book by Dan Winters which is a.

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What more does a Space Shuttle infographic really need to say? Let's replace the Space Shuttle with a vehicle that can fly to mars and back!

Navette Atlantis

♥ To remember. "Space Shuttle" - In my teenage years. I had this picture on my wall and I was proud to NASA.

Space Shuttle Launches

April 1990 - Shuttle Discovery lifts off launch pad, carrying a crew of five and the Hubble Space Telescope.