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How funny. Food art with grape tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots shaping into an owl. Please also visit www. for colorful inspirational Art. Thank you so much!

Hot cocoa toppers

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Mini Gingerbread Houses are the perfect treat to add to your cup of eggnog or coco this Christmas. Find more easy edible Mini Gingerbread Houses recipes and ideas here.

Pull Apart Pizza Flower  http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=http://www.stranamam.ru/post/8536219/&prev=search

Good idea for Buffalo chicken bites pull-apart pizza: gorgeous AND delicious! serve with marinara dipping sauce or seasoned olive oil. Use your favorite pizza dough, assemble & bake.

This variation of cooking cabbage will be real godsend for veggies lovers. Probably for those who don’t like veggies it will be good chance to adore it. Everything is easy but taste will be extravagant.

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks - Taking cabbage to a whole new level; easy simple way to enjoy a timeless veggie!


Bread Cones - great idea for chicken salad, egg salad. Much cuter than normal sandwiches.Instead of making bread myself, I am going to try it with premade bread dough or crescent rolls.

Gingerbread Village Scene Cookie

Gingerbread Village Scene Cookie