Sigils & Symbols: "Ancient #Symbols," by monstee, at deviantART.

Ancient Symbols by *monstee on deviantART. My friends and I used to have a secret alphabet when passing notes in class back in middle school

This is the key to solving those weird symbols in the theme song (see other post of dipper)

Viking Symbols of the germanic peoples norse speaking scandinavian the vikings

Prepositions dice -- also available as cards and dominoes from La Maternelle de Moustache, .  I use these all the time!

Divers Game - Practice position words with a sturdy box - Roll the dice and climb in, on, beside, in front of or behind. Turn this into word work by using words instead of pictures. Lots of fun exercise during language arts time.

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Výsledek obrázku pro pravidla chování ve škole

jpg Lidé se v životě řídí řadou pravidel.

Pro Štípu: Komunikační obrázky

Pro Štípu: Komunikační obrázky

Niños de cumpleaños para imprimir-Imagenes y dibujos para imprimir

Niños de cumpleaños para imprimir-Imagenes y dibujos para imprimir


Fingerprint frog ED EMBERLY wrote books on how to draw all kinds of animals, birds, fish etc.said he wished someone had written books like this when he was growing up.he is amazing!