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Jindřiška Mišunová
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i want to delete the thing on the bottom because it annoys me.

Death Note || anime funny this is actually ridiculously true http://ibeebz.com

L: The greatest detective at work (Death Note) Yes I am annoyed. Give me some cake!


such a sweet, patient, devoted, adorably awkward, epic guy.


I feel like eating tacos now

Harry Potter

Do you want to be my friend? LOVE A Very Potter Sequel

i dont know why but i read all voldys lines in snape from avpm's voice

Voldemort asks for advice and treats him like a god when he kills Harry(Not in real movie) . Voldemort has now reminded me of Doge.

XD LMAO <<< when I first watched the Blank Space video I thought of DeathNote

When you realize Taylor Swift watches Death Note and is planning to kill her ex

I love L! :)

I love this scene because the bro just takes the strawberry and nonchalantly puts it in his pocket.

So true tho

"I hit someone in the eye copying Light’s cool writing style

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