Earthquake safety tips

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an info poster showing the different features of a house
Richter 'magnitude' scale explained | CBC News
Urban Survival, Emergency Supply List, Survival Prepping Diy, Shtf Preparedness, Prepper Survival, Pill Bottles
How to Survive and Prepare for an Earthquake
an article in the book earthnukes with instructions on how to use it
Earthquakes (6pg)
How To Survive In An Earthquake | Survival Life
How To Survive In An Earthquake | Survival Life
Flood Prevention, Elementary School Classroom Decorations, Survival Apocalypse, Manners Chart, Fire Officer, Crisis Management, Water Poster
What To Do After An Earthquake Hits - Into The Jungle
Camping Safety, Emergency Plan, Future Children, Emergency Management
'Drop, cover, hold on' and other earthquake safety tips